I called this location frantic, I was crying profusely and full of anxiety over a health issue and I couldn't address that issue until I had a hearing test that was completely unnecessary, but the medical order of operations had to be followed. The person who scheduled appointment, and Linda who I spoke with after were both amazingly kind, I must have spoken with a dozen people prior to calling them and they were the only people that had any compassion. I ended up getting a last minute appointment to an ENT that could do the hearing test and the appointment in house, so I had to cancel the next day appointment they so graciously offered me. But they were incredibly accommodating, empathetic, and kind. I highly recommend them as a business, and trust me I called every place for hearing test in eugene, roseburg, grants pass, and Medford. These are the only people that showed me any kindness.
Dannica Harmon, on Google
The staff was very helpful in getting me help with the VA that I didn't know anything about and just taking the time to make me feel good about me being there.
Dug Weaver, on Google
I was very impressed with my experience at this hearing consultant. I went in for a free hearing test thinking I didn’t need hearing aids and found I did have some level of hearing loss. instead of the Doctor selling me what I didn’t need at this time he gave me some low cost options to help ensure I do t suffer further hearing loss. Linda was very knowledgable, friendly, and made the whole experience very comfortable. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to learn more about hearing loss prevention.
Wade Douthitt, on Google
Very friendly with excellent care. Everyone wore masks the entire time I was there. My safety and quality of care was their top concern. David Brocket's skill is amazing. Within a few minutes I was hearing so much better. David listened carefully to my needs.
John Hood-Fysh, on Google
I'm a vet of 27 years. My hearing loss was addressed by the VA but my wife still had problems with me hearing what she said (really!). We initially went to Best for Hearing as they were a local Starkey store. Well after a half hour of tuning up my hearing aids, my wife was ready to kiss the owner. We always go there now to check up on my hearing aids condition and when I need to get an adjustment as my hearing declines. Great people and great service! Other vets I have referred have told me they wished they knew of the store sooner.
Ron And Deb Binford, on Google

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